The Next Generation 
WordPress Form Builder

Create forms directly within Gutenberg Editor. Add & 
arrange form fields like blocks.

Gutenberg Forms

Existing WordPress form plugins do not allow you to create your forms within Gutenberg Editor. They come with their own custom form-builder which takes more resources and involves an extra learning curve. That also means you have to leave your editor when you need to create a form to do some changes to the forms. That’s a lot of trouble while you are working with Gutenberg Editor.

So, meet Gutenberg Forms. This is a native Gutenberg Form Builder which allows you to create forms easily like you create any Gutenberg content. All form fields are Gutenberg blocks. You may also use any other Gutenberg blocks inside your Form block for adding images and other content.

Start Creating Beautiful Forms in WordPress the easiest way.

No Bulky Form Builder

Simply create your forms while you are writing your content in the Gutenberg editor. No fancy form builder needed.

All Field Types You Need

Gutenberg Forms provides a large variety of form fields needed to create any kind of form easily.

Email Notification Builder

It is super easy to prepare your notification email template to collect form data. Create your own template.

Say Goodbye to Form Spam

Using the built-in Google reCAPTCHA integration you can protect your forms from spam. 

Give it a try!